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Floriani's Embroidery Basics

Start your embroidery with the BEST in embroidery product and software!

Floriani Embroidery Basics

What's Included:

Embroidery 101 with Walter Floriani
Walter Floriani will talk you through the ABC's of professional embroidery using the power of Floriani Embroidery Software. This Lessons from the Master series of videos will have you embroidering with the masters in no time. Each issue contains free embroidery designs, tips and techniques from the Master himself and more.

Thread Convert Pro
Your thread choices will never be limited by your designs with this automatic color conversion software. Convert to and from the most popular thread manufacturers with just a few clicks. Includes Embroidery Suite Pro 2009 Demo

Floriani Embroidery Software Workbook
This technique filled embroidery handbook will walk you through step-by-step each module of Floriani Embroidery Software.

Floriani Quick Tips
Condensed version of Floriani's Embroidery Software manual will provide you with a quick overview of all Floriani functions.

Beautiful Embroidery Projects – For Your Embroidery Pleasure
Twenty six beautiful embroidery projects are included in Walter Floriani's Embroidery Basics.

Stabilizer Solutions – Embroidery Made Easy by Kay Brooks
Step by step instructions on how to select the right stabilizer for your embroidery projects. Two samples of each stabilizer are included.

- Wet-N-Gone
- Heat-N Sta
- Fusible Mesh
- Wet-N-Stick

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Customer Reviews

Review by  Jlw12929
(posted on May 31, 2012)
Awsome products
Review by  Martie
(posted on Feb 26, 2012)
Loving this software! I have used several digitizing software programs. This is without a doubt the easiest, producing perfect embroidery! And NO dongles or no update or upgrade charges!
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