Floriani Dream Weave Fusible

Floriani Dream Weave Fusible® Stabilizer

Dream Weave Fusible®

Floriani Dream Weave Fusible® StabilizerWhen adding embroidery to your most delicate fabrics such as silk, satin, lame or chamois, you can experience shredding. This occurs because the fragile fibers of the fabric are not capable of handling the constant penetration of the needle during the embroidery process. This can also occur in fabrics such as Swiss Batiste, top quality quilt cottons and linen, Lycra or spandex which are often used in dance uniforms or bathing suits. By fusing Floriani Dream Weave Fusible® to the back of the fabric it helps to protect the fabric by giving it more body yet doesn't change the face or drape of the fabric. This product can also be used as a lining in all types of fabrics for suits or garment construction. It is important to remember that Dream Weave is not a stabilizer. It is a very important step to prepping or preparing delicate fabrics for embroidery.

Soft Floriani Dream Weave Fusible® Stabilizer

Another great use for Floriani Dream Weave® is to cover scratchy stitches on the backside of embroidery designs. This is especially nice for baby garments, youth apparel or golf shirts. Because it is a 6 way stretch, Dream Weave® will move with the garment and won't add unwanted bulk.

  • Creates a bond with delicate fabrics without changing the face or drape of the fabric
  • Fuse over the back of an embroidery design to cover scratchy stitches.
  • Keeps fabric from raveling or shredding during the embroidery or stitching process.

To use Floriani Dream Weave Fusible®:

  1. Cut a piece of Dream Weave® at least one inch larger than the embroidery design area.
  2. Place the fusible side (rough side) to the wrong side of the fabric and press using a low temp, dry iron (silk setting) **It is necessary to use a pressing cloth or sheet between the iron and the interfacing.
  3. Using the appropriate stabilizer in addition to the Dream Weave®, embroider the garment.
  4. If desired, after the embroidery is complete, fuse one layer of the Dream Weave® over the back of the design to keep it from scratching your skin.

Customer Reviews

Review by  disneylover
(posted on Sep 09, 2011)
Love this stuff. Great for kids appliques. So soft against their skin.
Review by  Margaret Eligh
(posted on Jan 05, 2011)
Awesome product!
Review by  Penny Jennings
(posted on Dec 30, 2010)
Very awesome! I use this on every embroidered t-shirt and hoodie that goes out of my store and also every baby item. Customer satisfaction is very important. People appreciate not itching, when they wear a garment. Thanks for such a product.
Review by  Marie Stewart
(posted on Oct 08, 2010)
Floriani Dream Weave is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Love this stuff
Review by  Kathie Garcia
(posted on May 04, 2010)
I love it.
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