Ashley Dell
Ashley learned to sew from her mother and grandmother at a young age, making her first quilt from double-knit squares in sixth grade. As an adult she started a custom costuming business featuring costumes and accessories from a midnight cult film after she became involved with a local production. This has allowed Ashley to share her talents and knowledge with individuals all over the world. Ashley began working for a machine dealer after purchasing a long arm, with her mother, and quickly fell in love with working in the sewing industry. Within the first two months Ashley had embroidered blocks for and pieced her first quilt since sixth grade. Machine embroidery and Ashley were meant to be together. Soon Ashley was teaching classes as a fill in instructor and had created her own bag of the month club, teaching new techniques monthly. Teaching has always been a passion of Ashley’s, as she herself has never wanted to stop learning, and is looking for the next technique to learn.

“My passion has always been to teach people who want to learn. I knew that in college, I just had to figure out how to do that every day. Now I’m ecstatic to be able to teach as an RNK Certified Educator,” Ashley states. “This is where my passion is, helping people to understand in everyday terms how to do something or how to make it better. From embroidery to sewing, quilting and cosplay I’m excited about them all, and ready to share my knowledge; or be the first to pick up a seam ripper so we can figure out how to enhance our mistakes.”