Clarrisa Gossett
Clarrisa Gossett of Gilbert, AZ. is a Floriani National Education Coordinator for RNK Distributing. Clarrisa discovered the joy of sewing as a young child. As a young girl her mother taught her the basics of sewing and in a very short time it became apparent that Clarrisa had a natural talent for sewing and a special gift for creativity. It wasn’t long before Clarrisa was teaching her mother techniques and creative ideas that enhanced the results for both. Clarrisa continued to fine tune her sewing skills in her growing up years by creating all of her own clothing and studying Clothing and Textiles at College. It was no surprise that as an adult Clarrisa became a Sewing Educator and Trainer. At one time in her amazing career in the Home Sewing, Qulting, and Embroidery Industry she managed a very successful retail location for a national sewing company. She is a licensed Martha Pullen Instructor and has created various projects for the Martha Pullen Company. Her joy and passion for sewing has been the driving force behind her desire to share the same with consumers through education. She loves to teach and share the fun of this great hobby with her relaxed and informative teaching style. After spending a few hours with Clarrisa you will learn an abundance of techniques and product know-how but you will also love your hobby even more!

“I don’t smoke, drink, gamble, drive a fast car, or see a psychiatrist, I have other vices. When all fails in life, stop, drop, and sew!”