Debra Bohn

Introducing Debra Bohn of Arizona, National Education Coordinator for RNK Distributing/Jenny Haskins Division.

Debra was destined to sew and quilt. As a child she was immersed in the art by a mother that loved sewing and crafting, but the inspiration to create was also inherited from her paternal grandmother who worked for the New York Ballet. Debra developed a strong love for all types of sewing and quilting but when she was introduced to machine embroidery she knew it was her destiny!

It was over two decades ago when Debra took a position with a local Sewing Machine Business and began to share her passion for Sewing & Quilting through the various classes she taught. Once embroidery was introduced she became enamored with consumer interest in the process. This overwhelming consumer excitement and interest in embroidery led Debra to traveling from various Sewing Store’s spreading the fun of machine embroidery. One of Debra’s teaching strengths is showing the mistakes she made as a novice and how she overcame them. Beginners relate to Debra and veterans are encouraged to try challenges they have avoided.

You will love her relaxing feel good classes and her ability to explain techniques that will not only improve your skills, but make your sewing, quilting, and embroidery experiences more enjoyable.  

If you have attended any of Debra’s classes at The Original Sewing and Quilt Expo, or followed her articles in Creative Machine Embroidery, Cooking with Embroidery, or Through the Needle, just wait until you see her teach Jenny’s Quilting and Embroidery Techniques!