Gail Kellogg

Introducing Gail Kellogg of Medford, OR. National Education Coordinator for RNK Distributing and Jenny Haskins Certified Educator.

With over 40 years of sewing experience and 30 years of that as a teacher, Gail has done it all! Heirloom Sewing, Quilting, Embroidery, Home Dec, Children’s Clothing, and More. She has spent most of her life helping others find the joy she grew to love at such a young age. Gail finds that creating a fashionable garment, a creative home project, or a beautiful quilt is one of the most satisfying for home sewers of any skill level, and loves to show her event attendees how anyone can accomplish these projects with the amazing tools available in the industry today.

Attendees love her creativity and the simple easy to understand way she presents. This no doubt is a gift, but it is also the result of having spent her time as a student of other great teachers. Gail’s formal education included courses in Tailoring, Industrial Shortcuts, and Pattern Drafting. She is a License Martha Pullen Instructor, and Certified Jenny Haskins Educator.

Gail’s love for Sewing and Quilting along with her continued education and training has made her one of the most requested educators in the industry. She has traveled the US from Coast to Coast sharing her amazingly creative ideas and left audiences in every city with new inspiration and determination to unleash their own creativity.

If you have ever attended one of Gail’s hundreds of classes or events, you already love her, if you haven’t had the opportunity to meet Gail and learn from her, you must. From the moment she begins to speak, you will understand why her students come away from classes mesmerized by her knowledge and gentle spirit.

Don’t miss her at the next Jenny Haskins Touch of Magic Tour held in your area.