Mark Garetz
Mark Garetz, National Educational Coordinator, Floriani Division RNK Distributing. Mark is not your typical Sewing/Embroidery Expert that began making everything he wore as a child, in fact he came late in life to sewing, quilting and embroidery, but he has embraced it with passion! Mark started out sewing garments as a hobby, which quickly expanded to quilting and embroidery. Because of his extensive background in all things computer and graphic arts, working with machine embroidery software was a natural fit. Having taught computer classes in his earlier career Mark has adapted his own method for taking the most complex subjects and making them easy to understand. Any Sewing/Embroidery Hobbyist attending Mark’s classes immediately realizes the difference in his style of teaching. Mark approaches every class and teaches every technique as a hobby and then professionally. His relaxed style of teaching is both fun and extremely informative. He loves sharing basic embroidery techniques, tips and tricks about stabilizers and software, embroidery software basics, and much more. If you think you have heard all there is to know about Floriani Products and their uses, come join Mark for a whole different perspective, you’ll not only leave his class with more knowledge, but with a new appreciation for your hobby.