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Floriani Embroidery & Quilting Basics

Regardless of what kind of machine you own, Floriani Basics for Creating is the perfect event for you to take your crafting skills to the next level! This amazing educational lecture/demonstration is filled with industry secrets that will inspire your creativity. With lessons covering everything from replacing buttons and patching garments to selecting the right materials for your next project! Never again will you have to worry over ruined garments, puckered embroideries and off-center designs!

Attend a Floriani Crafting Basics Event to Learn About:

  • How to upcycle and repurpose instead of replace!
  • Secrets to proper stabilization and thread choices!
  • How to hem napkins, denim jeans and more!
  • How to choose designs based on how they will affect your garments!
  • Stress-free techniques for hooping and eliminating puckering!
  • How to choose the right needle for stitch and garment type!
  • How to have fun in your sewing room with perfect results!

REGARDLESS OF WHAT BRAND OF MACHINE YOU OWN, the Tips, Tricks, and Techniques you learn at this event will inspire you, reinvigorate your interest, and enhance your enjoyment of your hobby!

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