Floriani Hands On
You Are Invited to Join Floriani for Three Days of Embroidery & Quilting Fun!

Come and experience for yourself the fun and innovation of Floriani! The techniques, tricks and tips you take away are sure to make this an event you will never forget!

Attend a Floriani Hands On Event to:

  • Master appliqué the easy way, for a perfect finish on every project!
  • Use stabilizers correctly for all projects!
  • Discover machine quilting with no pins and no pain!
See why attendees keep coming back for more!

REGARDLESS OF WHAT KIND OF MACHINE YOU OWN, the BEAUTIFUL project you work on at this event will teach you incredible techniques and ideas you can use in your quilting! EVERYTHING will be provided at the event: machines, thread, kits, tools, even lunch!

All attendees will be taking home their own completed project!

Become the MASTER of your craft with innovative techniques, inspiring designs and the ingenuity that is Floriani! Call the hosting store TODAY to register!