RNK Micro Thread Primary Colors

New From RNK Distributing - 24 Beautiful Primary Colors of 60 weight RNK Micro Thread , for Ultra Fine Embroidery and Ultra Small Lettering.

This micro-thin polyester thread beautifully defines stitching and embellishment.  It is ideal for fine or micro embroidery on delicate fabrics as well as very small lettering, scroll work and lace.  Small lettering has never been so BIG!  You will be amazed at the detail each stitch reveals using this high sheen – high tensile strength embroidery thread.  No clumping or bunching when micro-stitching letter fonts and/or motifs.  RNK Micro Thread can also be used as a matching bobbin thread for most 40 weight embroidery thread.

Available in 24 solid Primary colors, 1000M per cone.
Ultra-Thin Poly Embroidery Thread










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Customer Reviews

Review by  3g
(posted on 10/26,2014 14:41:05)
Used it Saturday in class works great
Review by  sewing0923
(posted on 10/25,2014 15:56:35)
I just used this therad to a golf cap for a customer. The lettering came out crisp and clear. Very happy with for lettering.
Review by  KAE
(posted on 06/19,2014 12:30:32)
For another group I belong to, I stitched 58 hand towels, in the non-terry cloth strips, with the club name on one end and their 40th anniversary information on the other (all text) - just over 9,000 stitches per towel. Used the micro thread and they came out perfect! Everyone was thrilled and said this was the best Christmas present the club members received! Thanks for a great product!
Review by  HY
(posted on May 20, 2014)
I love this thread. I was skeptical about Micro thread since I've not had a personal use for lighter weight embroidery thread until now!

I had a 8" x 8" design that I resized to about 3.5" square, removing stitches with in Total Control Pro software and when I embroidered it with 40 wt poly thread is was awful and still way to dense.

Then I used the same resized design with the Micro thread and I promise, it looked just like the original 8" x 8" design. This is the perfect use for those of us who know we shouldn't resize a design that small, but we just gotta do it. Switch to Micro thread and you'll love the results!
Review by  Bubbles
(posted on Nov 14, 2013)
I used this thread for the first time to stitch our a recipe towel for the holidays, The lettering came out perfect with no problems at all and is so simple to read!!! Plus I know that it will bleach if the person I give this to bleaches her towel the thread will still have the same color. Can hardly wait to use it on my next quilt label.
Review by 
(posted on )
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